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Tea Lover Set

Rose Tea & Starry Night - 2 Pack


Stay warm & cuddly with our much sought after coffee-cherry tea blends. Double up on your favorite or mix & match & stay cozy all year long.

This package includes:

        · One tin of Starry Night (Loose Leaf or Tea Bags)

        · One tin of Rose Tea (Loose Leaf or Tea Bags)

Starry Night


Our Starry Night Tea is a spiced, warm and delicious blend of our favorite coffee-cherry tea combined with ginger, star anise, clove, cardamom, cinnamon & a touch of peppercorn 


Our Rose Tea is a refreshing, light, floral tea


Jam-packed with antioxidants, the tea is the outer husk of a coffee cherry. It’s the superfood you’ve never heard of, paired with organic florals and spices for an extraordinary, delicious cup. With 1/3 the amount of caffeine as coffee, its a delightful treat without the buzz!

Brewing it is an ancient tradition deep within Yemen, Ethiopia, and other coffee-producing countries where drinking coffee cherries blended with spices as a tea is more common than drinking roasted coffee.

Tea Lover Set