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Brew Methods

Coffee releases much of its aromatics into the air and loses flavor 30 minutes after it is ground, so try to grind right before you brew!
Water temperature is best about a minute after boiling (209 degrees)
Method Ground Coffee Texture Amount of Coffee Grounds Total Water Total Brew Time Brew & Pour Instructions
Hario V60 Sea Salt 30g or 4 tablespoons 350g or 1.5 cups 3 - 3.5 Minutes
Rinse filter. Add ground coffee & level out bed. Place brew on scale, tare, and start timer. First pour: Gently wet all grounds in an outward spiral for the bloom (take a moment to smell the deliciousness). At 45s: second pour spirals out and in until weight is 150g (225g chemex) or 1/3 of your water, Third pour: to 250g (550g) or half or your remaing water, last pour to 350g (700g) or the rest of your water. Never let the grounds get dry.
Chemex Sea Salt 60g or 8 tablespoons 700g or 3 cups 4.5 - 5 Minutes
8 Cup French Press Breadcrumbs 73g or 9 heaping tablespoons 850g or 4 cups 4.5 Minutes Add grounds. Pour 120g of water and gently stir. Wait 30 seconds. Add the rest of the water. Wait four minutes. Plunge.
Aeropress Cinnamon 16g or 2.5 tablespoons 200g or 1 cup 1.5 Minutes Rinse filter and cap. Add grounds. Pour 30g water & stir. After 30 seconds, fill the rest of the chamber with water. Wait one minute and stir ten times. Secure cap, flip over and plunge
Moka Pot Cinnamon 22g or 3 tablespoons to the line in the bottom chamber 5 Minutes Pour heated water into bottom chamber to line, fill basket with grounds and set on top of bottom chamber, screw top and bottom together (it'll be hot! Use a dish towell). Place moka pot on stove on medium heat. Once you hear the hissing/bubbling sound, it's ready!
Automatic Drip Coffee Brewer (8 cups) Granulated Sugar 85g or 12 tablespoons to 8 cup line - Make sure your grounds are level in the filter before you start to brew. Fill water to 8 cup line. Click the button and go!