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Brew Methods

Coffee releases much of its aromatics into the air and loses
flavor 30 minutes after it is ground, so try to grind right before you brew!

Water temperature is best about a minute after boiling (209 degrees)

Cascara Ritual Brewing Instructions

The act of making cascara is a ritual rooted in the ancient tradition of brewing tea as an expression of kindness and generosity.


Heat water to boiling (up to 212 degrees) 

Warm teapot or mug by rinsing with just boiled water. 

Place 3 tablespoons of cascara tea (per cup) in a tea strainer and let it stand for a few moments, allowing the steam to begin developing the leaves' aroma.  

Pour simmering water over the cascara tea until it is just covered. 

Steep for 4 minutes.  

Remove strainer and save cascara leaves - re-steeping is a must! Cascara blends are meant to be re-steeped. The flavors and aromas change and develop between steeps, creating an experience you'll miss if you don't re-steep. 

Re-steep up to 8 times.  

Take a deep breath over the cup. Inhale the subtle fragrances.  

Sip and experience all of your senses awakening. Inhale a renewed sense of all that is good in the world.