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Summer Playlist

3 Pack of our Summer Faves


We're tripping through our summer coffee playlist and you're going to love the ride.

Three 10.10oz bags of:

Single Origin: Nicaragua

First stop: Nicaragua. This lot from Los Placeres on Fincas Mierisch coffee brings us right back to our sourcing trip and reminds us again why we fell in love the people, the terroir &, most definitely, the coffee. We traversed Nicaragua soaking in every bit of the country we could in, riding in jeeps straight up hills so tall that we felt vertical (it's in our Instagram highlights).  We're sipping it slow savoring the notes of dark chocolate, Rainier cherries and we're almost back in that jeep seeking and finding heaven.

Single Origin: Colombia, El Paraiso 

Next imaginary stop: Colombia. Riddled with inequities, Colombia is in the midst of political turmoil, but the beauty and heart of the Colombian people shine through in this cup from Jose Ignacio Gomez’s farm is located in Vereda el Naranjal near the town of Buescao in the Nariño department. Paraiso’s Caturra variety of coffee grows at altitudes of 1900 meters above sea level and sees an average rainfall of 1800mm per year. Jose grows coffee on six and a half hectares alongside oranges, lemons, and avocados. It is a coffee produced with vibrant, rich soil.  When we drink it we get tasting notes of Gran Marnier, clementine and butterscotch.  We only have a few bags and when it's gone, it's gone.  We're sharing it with our playlist because this is our summer jam.

Super Limited Release blend: Quintara Dips

Final stop: home

The tall hills of Quintara Street dip down towards Ocean Beach present the perfect ride for anything with wheels.  Not too long ago, the quiet, steep street bore no STOP signs and generations of City kids spent summers making this street have made it their own personal amusement park shredding down the hills with skateboards & bikes catching air and feeling free for one brief moment before ultimately crash landing when no one had to be anywhere but here.

Recapturing that feeling of weightlessness was our goal with our super limited release blend-- it's light and silky and we taste candied apricots, almonds and milk chocolate.  It's made up of our newest Limu, Ethiopia hand-blended with Paraiso, Colombia.   

Summer Playlist