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LFCC X Fellow Thermos & Moka Pot Coffee Set


Gift the ultimate coffee lovers bundle with a coffee of your choice, our long awaited Fellow thermos & stylish Bialetti Moka Pot. Or just keep it for yourself, we understand.

This package includes:

          · One 10.10 oz bag of coffee (your choice!)

          · LFCC X Fellow 12oz thermos

          · Red Bialetti Moka Pot


Epic (3 Ethiopias)
Dried Blueberry · Maple Syrup · Mexican Hot Chocolate

Queen of the Beach Espresso 
Baker's Chocolate · Grand Marnier · Grapefruit Zest 

Dear Mama (Half Caff)
Half Caffeine / Half Decaf (Swiss Water Processed)

Ethiopia/Colombia/Guatemala Swiss Water Processed 

LFCC X Fellow Thermos & Moka Pot Coffee Set