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Summer Fenton

AttaGirl Series

with Summer Fenton


Professional snowboarder and FEMA Media Relations Specialist who is super passionate about surfing and skateboarding.  

What is your morning ritual like?

I’m an early riser and wake up around 5:45am daily. The first thing I do is check my phone and then I like to start my day off with energy, gratitude and focus by getting my body warm and limber by doing a yoga flow routine followed by a core workout and then a cardio workout whether its a run on the great hwy or a youtube hiit workout at home. I feel that it helps put me in the right mindset and I end up having a more productive day. After I drink an apple cider vinegar turmeric shot and then heat up some water to brew up some delicious Lady Falcon Cascara Hibiscus tea :)








What is your Lady Falcon routine like?What is your favorite Lady Falcon coffee & tea?

Everything from Lady Falcon is delicious!! I'm an avid tea drinker but some days your girl just needs a tasty cup of coffee. With tea I just let the Cascara Hibiscus tea steep in hot water until I finish the whole cup of tea and need to refill just the water again and with the coffee I really enjoy the Gr8 Hwy flavors with a dash of almond milk and a little extra honey :)




How do you cultivate your creative energy?

Getting outdoors and connecting with nature are definitely my go to's to reset my mind, body, and soul.