Our story

Lady Falcon Coffee Club represents a culmination of years of appreciating coffee from many different angles:  as barista, roaster, coffee buyer, café proprietor and, above all, coffee drinker.  All of these vantage points make up the totality of Lady Falcon Coffee Club’s perspective and mission.

LFCC was founded as I lounged on my couch and doodled and daydreamed about what I want in my very personalized coffee company. I thought about the direction coffee has taken—sterile, mathematical and although I appreciated the results of that regimen, I felt something sensual was lost in the process.

Coffee needs to be touched, tasted, smelt and enjoyed with all the senses. 

In our cafes, we employ and preach the methods of specialty coffee exclusively.   But, internally, I chafe at the rigidity that many ascribe to the craft of coffee.  Yes, I believe coffee is an art and I think it is fun.

What a cool job! Make coffee, drink coffee, roast coffee, buy coffee, teach coffee. 

When I talk to our staff about specialty coffee, really great baristas get intimidated and alienated from practices that are in reality their strongest tools in making the best coffee.

I wanted to take coffee past the ceiling of sterility and rigidity and employ exacting specialty coffee standards in a fun, sensual and unpretentious way.  Craftsmanship with style. 

Who said cafes had to be painted black and everyone had to be so grim?  A few of these are okay, but coffee is personal and it should reflect the personalities behind them and thankfully not everyone is the same.  Similarly not all good coffee is the same and this is a revelation to many, but not to me.

And then there is the lady in me who notices that the coffee work in the upper echelons is very male oriented and, yet, in the shops, the ladies are pulling the shots and making the lattes, well—very well. Yet, when it comes to Barista contests, it is extraordinary when a woman is competing. 


There is always the spunky little girl in me who says: “No way!”